• A place without gods and spirit.無神無鬼

    Oil on Canvas 油畫 Size: 80F (112x145.5cm) 2009 I want to create a space without any god and spirits in this piece. As a matter of fact, I utilize many religious icons like the cross image and srivatsa from Buddhism. Religions are programmed to normalize behaviors, morals and even thoughts of regular people. None of these has any impact to water. Water obeys only the law of nature. What if the force of gravity has been reconstructed and recomposed, what would that be? This is the theme I am interested in, that’s why I created this work. 我試著表達一個無神又無鬼的空間,其實在其中我暗藏著許多宗教常使用的符號如十字架和佛教萬字形。宗教是為了規範人類的行為道德和思想等等。對於水而言這些都是不存在的。水遵循的是自然律。如果引力重力等自然律以另外一種方式重新解構呢? 這才是我關心的議題。因此我創作了這件作品。