• Fishing釣

    Oil on Canvas 油畫 Size: 40F (100x80cm) 2009   The artist often uses the metaphor of gravities orienting towards various directions, indicating the power from different places. In this piece, the water is dragged by four major forces to form the shape of the cross. It symbolized religions in general. People seek for the console from religions, they want to obtain particular something for themselves. It's like fishing, however in most cases, it's not the fish they are after. 藝術家常用朝向不同方向的重力場來隱喻從各處而來的力量。在這件作品中,水被四個主要力量拉扯而形成一個十字架而這代表著宗教。人們從宗教中尋求慰藉。他們期望從中獲得特定的事物,像是釣魚一般,只是他們想要釣到的通常不是魚。