• Jump 躍

    Oil on Canvas油畫 Size:40F (100cmx80cm) 2009 I created many works using water shaped like cubes. These images of water betray a basic law of nature; all water parameters possess a force of gravity of their own. Within the area, all water concentrates to the center instead of flowing downwards. In this scene, it has a uniform gravity dragging water downwards like our common recognition. In this image, I want to talk about the difference between individual concerns and group interests. It’s unavoidable to generate certain conflicts with the group when every individual try to prosper. This kind of phenomenon exercises everywhere in nature. In the world of water, it is no exception. And we always leap upwards and look for a breakthrough. 我以方塊似的水形狀創作了不少的作品,這些水都有一個違背自然的基本特性,就是他們自己有一個屬於自己的重力場,水是往自己的中心凝聚而不是一直往下。而這個場景也有一個如我們認知的往下的、統一的重力場。我想談的是個體的創造發揮空間和群體之間的差異。在個別的系統中想要發展,但是難免會與群體的利益產生衝突和抗爭。這樣的事情在自然界中到處上演著。水的世界中自然也是不例外的。而我們總是不斷地努力去往上躍進與尋求突破。