• The memory from the ancient ocean 遠古海洋的記憶

    Oil on Canvas 油畫 Size:50F (91x116.5cm) 2014 Many creatures hunt for other creatures all day long seeming only for the sake of survival. It may appear to be cruel and merciless. But when we come to think of the reproduction issue, we soon realize the consuming of other lives constructs the humongous food chain which plays a key role in the biological system. Rose as a kind of flowers is actual a reproductive organ in plants. I place the beautiful reproductive organ where the hunting mouth is supposed to be. It suggests the kill also contributes greatly to the regeneration of next descendants. This kind of animal instincts pass from the ancient ocean ancestors to our much advanced human bodies and will transmit to our future generation. 許多生物終日獵食其他生物似乎只是單純為了生存。這看起來是那麼地殘酷無情,但是如果我們思考一下繁殖的議題,我們很快地會瞭解這種消耗其他生命的的過程構成了一個龐大的食物鏈,而這個食物鏈在生態系統中扮演著一個關鍵性地位。玫瑰作為花卉的一種其實也是一種生殖器官。我將這個美麗的生殖器官放在獵殺的嘴部位置,這說明了著獵殺行為對於下一代生命產生的偉大貢獻。這樣的動物本能從我們海洋的遠古始祖傳遞到我們比較先進的人體中,還會繼續傳遞到未來的子孫身上。