• In memory of 911 紀念我的911

    Oil on Canvas油畫 Size:40F (80cmx100cm) 2011 I used to work in a place not far away from the twin towers in New York City. I could see these two buildings through the windows of my office. The incident of 911 had huge impacts on me in many aspects. It changed my fate and my other decisions. It's one of the major reasons why I returned to Taiwan. Eventually after a decade, I finally had the courage to examine the past and incorporate it into my art creation. Relatively, I could objectively portray it right away when I am not actually involved. It took me ten years to digest. There are many symbolic images in the painting, for instance, the water gun represents violence and the lower left corner is me wanting to have an opportunity to prosper. I spread a batch of water transforming into an entwined heart which links to the soaring career (the bird), social status (the chair), relationship (the girl) and etc. All of these are vaporized by the incident (the gun) over night. This is to commemorate my experience in the incident and to pacify myself, further as a reminder for me to move forward. 我在美國工作的辦公室距離雙子星大樓只有一段小距離,以往可以在辦公室窗前直接對望那兩棟大樓。經歷911發生的現場給我極大的震撼,這事件也改變了我的命運以及後來許多決定。這是造成我回到台灣的一個很大因素之一。在屆滿十年之後我才終於有勇氣去審視這段過往並融入我的創作之中。相對地如果是自己沒有經歷的事件可能在當下,反而能夠客觀並從容地加以描繪。然而我卻需要十年之久我才將其描繪出來。在這件作品中有許多象徵的意像包括水化成的槍代表暴力,我自己在左下角代表我想要有揮灑表現的機會。我灑出的水演變成一顆糾結的心連到了我想要的高飛的事業(鳥)、地位(椅子)、城堡(家)、愛情(女子)等等都在一夕之間化為煙霧消失。這件作品對我而言是一個紀念並撫平我自己傷痛,宣告我往下走的決心。