• The Path of Water 水的路線

    Video/Computer animation 錄像/電腦動畫 Full HD(1920x1080) 4'51" 2013 This 3D animation consists of many metaphors within a variety of moving images. There is no solid story line. The theme actually reflects my mental responses towards the world, conveying my value system throughout years of experiences. This work somehow implied that water has its own will, deciding where to flow regardless of any obstacle it may encounter. It will detour or penetrate in order to reach its destination. Regardless of how we perceive the image of water, it flows along its own path in a long cycle with or without human intervention. This animation is accepted by  Blue Plum Animation Festival (Johnson City, TN,USA ), MeshRome Film Fest(Rome,Italy), World Arts Film Festival (Florida, USA),  Cologne OFF X – 10th Cologne International Videoart Festival( Cologne, Germany) and Creative  Animation Knowledge Exchange 2014( Ormskirk,  Lancashire, United Kingdom), 14th Kansas International Film  Festival (Overland Park, Kansas. USA), International Film Festival of Fine Arts (Szolnok, Hungary). Award Nominee of Best Animation from Great Lakes Film Festival , screening in Eire, PA,USA, Experimental Award from International Short Film Festival FENACO Cusco Perú(Perú), 12th International Festival Signes de Nuit ( Paris, France & Berlin, German). There are ten international film festivals in total. It is also awarded as The third place of Digital Arts  section, 19th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition (Taichung City, Taiwan). 這是一件包含許多隱喻的動態影像作品。不採取敘述的故事線性描述。主題其實反映了根據­我過往的生活經驗對這世界的想法和心態,間接傳達了我的價值觀。在這件作品中某個程度­地暗示著水有著它自己的意志,無論遇到任何的障礙他會決定要怎樣繼續流動下去。可能是­繞道或滲透障礙以到達其目的地。無論我們用什麼觀點看待水,它持續地用自己的方式在漫長的循環­旅程中走著自己的路線。 本片在2014年入選  Blue Plum Animation Festival (美國田納西州約翰遜城),  MeshRome Film Fest (義大利羅馬) ,世界藝術電影影展(美國佛羅里達州 傑克遜維爾市) , Cologne OFF X – 第十屆科隆國際錄像藝術影展(德國科隆市), 中英創意動漫節 (Creative Animation Knowledge Exchange 2014(英國西蘭開廈郡的奧姆斯柯克) , 第十四屆 堪薩斯國際影展(美國堪薩斯州歐弗蘭帕克市), 國際美術電影節(匈牙利索爾諾克市), 大湖國際影展提名最佳動畫獎(美國賓州伊利市),  秘魯國際短片FENACO Cusco 影展 實驗獎,  法國巴黎和德國柏林第十二屆International Festival Signes de Nuit 影展等共十個國際影展。並獲得台中市第十九屆大墩美展數位藝術類第三名。