• The road over the ocean海上的道路

    Oil on Canvas油畫 Size: 100M (97x162cm) 2011 This image struck me at an unexpected moment. I think it reflects my urge to breakthrough the rules of common customs. I imagine a road appears in the ocean and it seems unreasonable. But it leads to the remote skyline; in the end there is a door opening with some dim light. It seems to be a smiling face if you look at the sky and clouds. I painted this to fulfill my desire for a infinitely broad world behind the door. 這件作品想法來自一個突發的靈感,我想這是反應我心中對世俗限制的厭惡和渴望突破。我想像海中會有一條道路的出現。雖然這條道路不符合常規,但是它通向遙遠的天際,在這天際的末端開了一個門,透出非常細微的光亮。天空中浮現的雲彷彿有著一抹淡淡的微笑。這是給我自己的一張畫。當我看著它我遙想著遠方的門後有一個無限寬敞的世界。