• Rose fishes leap between love gates. 玫瑰魚躍愛之門

    Oil on Canvas 油畫  50F (91x116.5cm) Aug.15.2014 Doors or gates are the pivotal elements in our daily life which serve multifunctional purposes, for instance to filter uninvited visitors, unwelcome intruders or to protect us from weather conditions and etc.. Besides these basic functions, in many cultures, they also are treated as the icons of glory or sense of achievements. They somehow exhibit the social status of their owners. The rose fish thrives vigorously connecting and interacting between different gates. The fish not only pursues the prosperity, recognition but also and indefinite love. The gates are the entry gate in National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan. and one gate from the Hall of Justice in Rome, Italy. 門在我們每天生活中扮演著制軸的角色,它們有著多重的功能,例如過濾掉不速之客或不受歡迎的入侵者或是讓我們防禦保護天氣的狀況等等。除了基本的功能之外,在許多文化當中,他們也作為榮耀的象徵或成就的標記,或多或少地展示著擁有者的社會地位。 玫瑰魚奮力地在門之間往上躍,像是互動和連結著這些門。不止是追求繁榮、認同同時也是追求無止境的愛。在其中採用的門是來自台北國立故宮博物院的入口和羅馬法院的一個門。