• The bowl and the roads 碗與道路

    Oil on Canvas 油畫 Size: 30F (91cmx72.5cm) If you insist on doing the right thing and it will cost your job, what would you do? Over time, we have certain beliefs, in the mean time, we try to avoid their conflict with our personal interests. The road is the path we choose to follow in our journey. Although we all know the straight path is the shortest distance to achieve the destination, we inevitably detour all the way for some reasons. 如果你堅持做一件對的事情但是會讓你失去工作,你會怎麼辦?經常是我們有一些特定的信念,同時我們也極力去避免其與我們自身的利益產生衝突。道路是我們在旅程上選擇走的路徑。我們都知道到達目的地最短的距離是直線的路徑,但是為了某些原因我們總是不可避免地繞道而行。