• The Keyhole of life 生命的鑰匙孔

    Oil on Canvas 油畫 40F( 100x80cm) 2015 The artist adapts the images of both traditional Chinese and Rome doors, representing the East and the West civilizations. The way they are aligned appears to be a keyhole. The piece is designed to view it in either regular view or upside down. Many metaphors are hidden inside the image to reveals the secret of life. 藝術家使用傳統的中國門和羅馬門來代表東方和西方文明。這件作品刻意日讓觀賞者可以用正常角度或完全反過來的視角觀看。許多象徵性的暗示隱藏在畫面當中來述說生命的秘密。