• The leap躍進

    Oil on Canvas油畫 Size:50F (91x116.5cm) 2010 I use the approach to mix both water and fish several occasions. In this series of works, I try to depict the intense connection between creatures and water. Fish of course is an ultimately excellent choice. I constantly use water spouts to express the freedom of water flow. For me, water has its free will, which chooses its directions and destinations. While it leaps forwards, it has to deal with a particular system trying to guide the water flow back to the dominating structure. I intend to imply essences of many things in the universe using this kind of images. 水與魚的結合是我常用的手法。在我這一系列作品中,試圖表現所有生物和水的緊密結合。魚當然是一個絕佳的選擇,水身上的水柱是我一貫表達水自由流向的手法。對我而言水有其自由意志,他會有其選擇的方向和走向。在往前跳躍的同時,水又像是有另外一個力場引導其流向自身的結構。我試圖用這樣的意象去暗示人世間許多事物的本質。