• The water connects continents 連結洲際的水

    Oil on Canvas 油畫  40F (80x100cm) July 15. 2014   The Silk Road is a series of trade and cultural transmission routes from China to the Mediterranean Sea during various periods of time. Although we on longer use this term to describe the interactions between the continents across these regions. The state of globalization nowadays thrives all of us to participate international affairs much more intensively and frequently than ever. I used water as the symbol to represent the regular trades on the daily basis. The purse on the top indicates the boutique items seems to dominate the premium status silk used to obsessed. Water carries the purse from a Romanian door to a traditional Chinese door. The motives of the trade cast the water, making it shape like a greedy alligator. 在過去某段時期絲路是貫穿了中國到地中海區域的中西貿易和文化交流之漫長路徑。我們今日早已不用這名詞來描述經過這些區域的洲際互動。但是今天全球化的趨勢驅使我們參與比過去更密集和更加頻繁的國際事務。我用水來作為一個象徵來代表每天發生的國際貿易。畫面上方的皮包暗示著今日的精品取代了過去絲在絲路中最極品的地位。水從一個羅馬的門傳送著皮包到另一個傳統的中國門。貿易的動力型塑了水讓水看來像一隻貪婪的鱷魚。