• Water eye 水眼

    Oil on Canvas油畫 Size: 40F (100cmx80cm) 2009 When I look at the flowing water coming out of the faucet, while it gradually accumulates the amount in the sink. I perceive it as the same batch of water consumed by animals and humans, circling in the earth for millions of years. When we touch the tap water from the faucet, each individual user may feel different perceptions accordingly. However, this is just a stop for water in their endless cycle. I look at it while it looks back at me with its soul. Soon after, it leaves us for its next stop. 當我看著水龍頭不斷流出奔瀉而出的水,慢慢累積在水槽中往上增積水量時。我想到的是千萬年來動物或是人類使用的水一直是同一批的水不斷地在地球上循環。當我們接觸到水龍頭流出來的水時,是水循環的其中一站而已,但是對於使用到水的人而言卻可能有極其不同的感受。我看著水,水也彷彿有靈性般的看著我們。然後不久之後離我們而去,前往其旅程下一站。