• God’s notebook 上帝的大筆電

    Oil on Canvas油畫 Size:100F (130x162cm) 2012 If God really exists, then it would be an effective strategy to manipulate civilizations through water. We all know water is the source of all life forms. All creatures originated from the ocean, too. The notebook is a metaphor and the skyscrapers are like the keyboard and the rooftop platform is the touch pad. I believe it would transfigure as the technology progression. In other words, God  uses all kinds of intangible approaches to influence our lives. We may or may not know. 如果說有上帝的存在,那麼他透過水來控制我們人類的文明似乎是一個很有效的策略。我們都知道水是生命的源泉,所有的生物也來自海洋。當然的筆記型電腦只是一個比方,而都市大樓就像是他的鍵盤。畫面中間的大樓頂端就像是他的感應區。我相信隨著科技的轉變,這會轉化形式。換言之,上帝可能用各種我們無法理解的方式影響我們的生活千萬年了,我們或許知道或許不知道。