• About to say 將要說

    Oil on Canvas油畫 Size: 60F (97x130cm) 2011 In contemporary art, there are many instances of installation art dealing with vanishing over time, and related topics. Many works are created to be washed out by rain, weather conditions or viewers anticipation. Creators treat their art as the historic remaining, plenty of them will eventually disappear either way. They abandon the concept of eternity in artworks. I am thinking the reverse order, if I try to express the tiny fraction of the moment, the slight chance it might exist. The result may seem to be surrealistic, but I rather interpret it as the image from my mind. For instance, in this painting, the water pipe splashes into a form of a girl within it. Water as the source of all life, which makes up the majority of our human bodies. Imagine that I am simply drawing the major elements, then I am drawing water instead. So it makes sense to conclude that I am drawing a portrait. What is she going to say? Or she doesn’t say anything? 當代藝術中對時間觀念的探討,如許多裝置藝術的作品,隨各種因素如水、雨、人為等而消失的作品比比皆是。創作者對待藝術作品,也視之同歷史上許多事物會消逝於無形一樣,不再強調藝術之永恆性。而我則是反過來思考如果表現稍縱即逝的瞬間,而這瞬間有微乎其微的存在可能性。例如自然界的水噴濺出人的形象,某個程度上看似是超現實主義,但我比較傾向以「心象」來作為解釋。而我又企圖像描繪風景般地描繪那個心象。 水是一切生命的起源,而人體的大多數成分是水,想像我們把主要成分表現出來,那我們就是在畫水了,所以如果說這是一張女性的肖像也同時可以成立。她即將說些什麼?或者什麼都不說?