• Fetch water 抓水

    Oil on Canvas油畫 Size: 60F (97x130cm) 2009 As I gaze upon the falling stream. What appears in my mind is a hand attempting to pull the water upwards. It contradicts with the actual happening. For me, this kind of ambiguous image mixed with seemingly reasonable yet bizarre content allures me. I constantly want to convey the connection between the will of water and our mind. After all, water can be un-sizable and incontrollable. 當我凝視著這個水奔洩而下的景象,我腦中浮現的是一個水往上抓的景象。其實是和真正的水方向剛好相反。對我而言我一直著迷這樣看似合理又矛盾的意象。我不斷地表達水的意志和人的思想之間的關連。畢竟水是無法抓住,又無法掌握的。