• Either Right or Left 可左可右

    3D Computer animation 電腦動畫 Full  HD(1920x1080), 3'15", 2013 I have adapted many ideas from my subconscious mind, utilizing them in my creations. On a scientific plane, I am sure there is logic behind some of those images, however that is not as important to me as the mysterious composition and fantastic content. For this image, I painted with oil first.  Much of my later work stemmed from this concept. We often see water dripping from above into a pond, pool or other body of water.  In this phenomenon, the flowing direction is determined by the gravity of the earth which appears to be downwards. What if there are two gravitational forces drawing water drops towards both right and left sides, then what would you see?  I think there are many ways to interpret this dichotomy. You could see it as two powers fighting against each other. You could also see it as a mechanism to balance both forces in the world. The water forms on both sides remain still for a while, then they start to shake and entwine with each other due to the gravity relocation. The balance will be reached when the changes are done. Either still or moving is essential elements to create the state of balance. In the end of animation, water ponds exchange their positions completely. It may appear the same to the audience. As a matter of fact, these two ponds contain different content of water. I try to offer my audience a visual experience that you may look at this animation in any direction. This animation has been selected in the 3rd edition of MashRome Film Fest in Rome, It  is screening at the Ara Pacis Museum at June.2014 這個概念是來自我冥想時,腦中浮現這幅水在兩側的畫面。我從潛意識運作當中攫取了許多的創意並運用他們在我的藝術創作當中。我相信他們的產生有合理的解釋,但我並不在意為什麼。我寧可專注在他們神秘的構圖和奇幻的內容當中。 這件作品是一個絕佳的例子,我先用它畫了一張油畫,然後我衍生發展出許多的概念。我們經常看到水滴入池塘、水池或其他容器當中。在這個現象中,流動的方向是由地球的引力決定,如我們看到的是往下的。 如果有兩個引力把水往左右兩方拉過去,那麼會是什麼景象?我想有非常多方式可以權勢是這種二元分立論。你可以解釋為兩個力量的互相征戰。你也可看成平衡這個世界的兩個機制和力量。兩旁的水一開始是靜態的,然後他們開始因為引力的互換位置而震動和交纏糾葛在一起。當改變完成之後又建立起另外一個平衡,不管是靜態或動態都是構成平衡狀態的基本元素。 最後在動畫的尾端,水池完全地易位完成。對觀眾而言可能看來是完全一樣的。事實是上他們的水是不同的內容。我嘗試提供觀者一個可以從任何方向來看這作品的視覺經驗。 本作品入選第三屆MashRome Film Fest,於2014年六月份在義大利羅馬的Ara Pacis Museum播放展出。